Just a quick one. I’m now one of the editors for Avis Magazine, a  literary magazine based. There are a few reasons I’ve taken up the editorship, not least because I believe that the provision and maintenance of more venues for writing and art is an undeniably good thing. It’s also a great opportunity to exercise my L33t (remember when people used to say that? Gah, age) administrative skills in a non-work pro-lit therefore pro-humanity context, and also because to produce a book-like object that bring to the eyes of other people work that I think is fantastic is going to be a lot of fun, hard work, but fun. The magazine has a bird-like look, and a bird-y name.


I’m pretty excited. We have a call to submission out on our website, here, so if you’re of a writerly nature please do submit something. The closing date for the winter/spring issue is 10 December 2015.  That’s it. Peace out and write something.