Yes. I persist.

I’ve been extremely busy with work. Haven’t we all? I am, in no particular order:

  • Working to get Avis Issue 2 off-the-ground
  • Organizing a Short Story event all very TBC
  • Teaching a short Creative Writing course
  • Writing a novel (not really, as in, it’s like a trick-novel)
  • Getting shiz published, yo.

On that last point, I have a cluster of new things out in the world.

I have two stories placed with Queen Mob’s Teahouse, which is a primarily-US based kaleidoscopic cornucopia of literary wonder. The stories are:

‘Fallout’ – which is about, partly, a hard-to-remove stain

‘The Goats’ – which is about, partly, the End of Times.

I also have one story up with The Queen’s Head, which is smashing because it’s one of the only UK-based magazines that publishes the work I want to write (which is to say, I suppose, a kind of magical realism):

‘Exit Strategies’ comes with a warning, as it’s a little NSFW, and also might (I hope!) make your soul feel odd.

All in all, I have a lot more writing stuff going on than, say, six months ago.

Peace out, cats.