So I’ve of course got lazy with the blog again. When the pressure is on the blog is the first to go. It is the bees of a precarious and environmentally unsafe working life.

Don’t fear. He is just sleeping – like the blog.

Two things are worthy of note.

Firstly, I have completed a novel. I am one small project away from a MA in Creative Writing. Job done. Now on to the tricky pickle of securing representation. I suspect this will be the mountain at the top of the mountain. Wish me luck.

Secondly, I have started a new Literary Magazine called doppelgänger. It has a lovely website (I chose the pictures) that has been assembled by my better half, who resents the term ‘web elf’ but is nonetheless an elf or imp involved in constructing one small corner of the web, hence.

Partly, I am motivated by lack. I miss editing; I miss reading new, unpublished writing, and then publishing it; I miss working with fellow writers.

Partly, I am motivated by possibility. New writing; new writers; new stories and ideas.

Partly, the novel’s completion has left a gap, and I am full of energy.

Many things. Many unknown things too. And doppelgänger is the result.