James Hodgson

I completed a PhD in Brazilian Film in 2013; then took a break. Now I am getting back to research. For my current research interests and academic work, go here.

I also write, mainly short fiction. Publications below.

You can read an interview with the Queen’s Head Magazine where I talk about one of my pieces here (update: the Queen’s Head is now defunct but interview saved for posterity!).

Short fiction

Profane, ‘The Hang-up’, 2017 (forthcoming)

Bad Pony, ‘The Good Neighbour,’ 2017 (forthcoming)

Ellipsis Zine, ‘Rubies in your legs,’ 2017 (forthcoming)

Neon Magazine, ‘A Heavy Scene‘, 2017

The London Journal of Fiction, ‘Hospitality’,  2016

Longlisted for the Exeter Writers Prize, ‘The Neighbours’, 2016

Longlisted for the Sunderland Short Story Award, ‘The Architect’, 2016

Shortlisted for the Short Fiction Journal’s Short Fiction Prize, ‘Hino a Iansa,’ 2016

The Queen’s Head, ‘Exit Strategies‘, 2016

Queen Mobs Teahouse, ‘The Goats‘, 2015

Queen Mobs Teahouse,  ‘Fallout‘, 2015

Typehouse Literary Magazine, ‘MiNI‘, 2015

Typehouse Literary Magazine, ‘Vanishing City‘, 2015

JJ Outré Review, ‘The Causeway‘, 2015

The Cro Magnon, ‘The Egg‘, 2015

Spoke, ‘Scorpion‘, 2014

I wrote poetry a bit once.


Chelsea Station, ‘Two Trees‘, 2014

Between – New Gay Poetry, ‘Lavender‘, 2014

Kaffeeklatsche, ‘A Fruit Tree‘, 2011

Kaffeeklatsche, ‘Oxford Road‘, 2011